Della Snyder

Della Snyder
Della Snyder
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 I don't remember a time in my life when the power, mystery, and beauty of oceans, mountains and deserts did not enthrall me. My childhood vacations were spent tent-camping in the Sierra Nevada, backpacking in the San Gabriel Mountains, trailer camping in Yosemite, beach camping at San Clemente, and fishing at Big Bear Lake.

My paintings spring from this lifelong love of nature and the natural landscape. This fascination, present even in my earliest memories, has greatly influenced my personal, academic, and professional pursuits, and most significantly, my art.

In 1996, I graduated from California State University with a B.S. degree in geology and went on to Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff for my M.S. degree in 2000, concentrating on paleontology. While a graduate student, I started working for the Grand Canyon National Park as a research assistant and later became the Research Coordinator for the Park. I always felt such amazement that a normal part of my work day would be to sit on the rim of the Grand Canyon, eating my lunch. How many people get to do that?!

My paintings are, in essence, love letters to the natural places in western America. My artwork is characterized by natural elements of design with varying degrees of ambiguity and realism. I often work with a limited palette and build up multiple washes to achieve saturated color and depth. I sometimes use sepia or black ink to add texture, to clarify form, or enrich detail.  
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Oak Creek, Sedona
24" x 18"
 Sea Grape, Maui
16" x 12"
 Deep in the Canyon
13" x 22"
16" x 12"