Carolyn Carsula

Carsula, Carolyn 
(928) 649-0993
Expressionist working in watercolor, acrylics, oils & pencil

    Carolyn has been winning awards with her art since she was a young girl and has never lost the thrill of painting. When she was 10 she was given a scholarship to The Art Institute of Chicago. 

    After high school, she worked for the Graphic Art Department for the city of Chicago. Creativity is key to her painting technique. She considers herself to be a sensitive artist, painting what she feels. She challenges herself to be original and to have fun with her art. 

    She enjoys portraiture, especially children, and her paintings depict life in a unique and pleasing manner. She never runs out of ideas and is always experimenting & learning. 

She is a member of the El Valle Artists Association, Sedona Art Center and a juried member of Northern Arizona Watercolor Society.
                 Polly's Paradise
                     19" x 11"
Carolyn Carsula